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[Mar. 7th, 2024|07:50 pm]
Corey Addison
[mood |hmm... stressed maybe?]

recently found out about -black rebel motorcycle club-, and i really like them, saw them last tuesday at the social while my brain was upside down in my skull, left after the show walked around, and i swear ive never seen anything more beautiful in all my life while in that state of mind looking at the one building under construction with the cranes on top of it, went back to the social for a second, found out two guys from the band got in a fist fight; but apparently they always do, so i dont know if i'll be seeing them live again. i need more bands to listen to, im actually getting fucking sick of 95% of industrial, considering i finally had that epiphone (sp?) that its abrasive non constructive non-meshed anti productive/ no reason or logic lyrics, kinda rub my psyche with a subliminal cheesegrater. stress is kicking my ass. when people say they only meet psycho bitches; theyve never met someone like the head case i just got rid of; agh... god.

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[User Picture]From: razrbladesinuri
2006-03-10 12:10 am (UTC)
its alright; i know how that goes. if/ when you want to- just drop me a line here or on myspace i guess; weekends being golden. i would say call, but getting through the line jammer known as my sister; its kinda next to impossible.
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